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Warranty & Returns

We strive to always provide you with quality service. That includes situations where an item may be incorrect, defective, or no longer needed.

Below are several explanations of our shipping warranty, and return policies. We want to make it clear what “refurbished” means on our site, so that there isn’t any confusion about what you’re buying. We also outline the return (RMA) procedure in case a return or exchange is needed.

We welcome you to call or email us if you have any questions.

Condition & Packaging

All product sold on our site is fully functional, unless specifically mentioned otherwise. You will find that most of our equipment is listed as refurbished, but we occasionally sell brand new equipment as well.

Our definition of "seller refurbished": Most of the time, these products are used or are pulled from used systems. They are always tested to ensure functionality. On rare occasions, the product will instead be a lightly used sample. It could also be unused from overproduction. Seller refurbished products are typically packed in third-party brown boxes. These products may show signs of usage, and they will not come with original accessories, installation disks, manuals, etc. Most of the items on our website fall into this category.

Shipping Policy

We ship globally. All parts are expected to ship out same-day if ordered by 3PM Central Time. Systems usually need to be built and tested overnight, so servers & workstations ship within 48 hours unless otherwise specified. We prefer to under-promise and over-deliver. If you need assurance that the item will ship out sooner, please call us prior to placing your order.

Most of our items qualify for free shipping. Free shipping applies to any order that is shipping within the continental USA. This means that we will ship the package to you at our expense, using FedEx Ground or a comparable service. Faster delivery options are always available and will be shown during checkout. Understandably, expedited delivery charges must be covered by you.

We prefer to use FedEx for our shipments, as they offer the best insurance on lost or delayed packages. This results in higher security for you. We sometimes ship using UPS and USPS. For international shipments, we will usually stick to FedEx or DHL.

We can always ship using your account number, as long as you are using FedEx, UPS, USPS, or DHL. When using your shipping account, you are responsible for insurance and handling lost/stolen packages.

All customs, duties, taxes, and demurrage arethe responsibility of you as the buyer. Please do your research on refurbished products if you are an international buyer. For example, Latin America and India have very strict rules pertaining to refurbished items.

Warranty & Return Policy

All systems carry a standard 90-day parts replacement warranty. All parts carry a standard 30-day replacement warranty. This is unless explicitly stated otherwise.

Products have a 14-day return policy.

If your product arrives with functional defects, or if the item stops working (and is being used in accordance with its product manual), then our warranty applies. If you need to proceed with a return or exchange, please follow the appropriate steps outlined below.

Please keep in mind that not all products qualify for refund (see below for “I ordered the wrong item”). Please call or email us if you’d like to confirm that your product qualifies for a refund.

"My product is defective"

Please contact us by email at within the warranty window, and we will issue RMA instructions. The product must be shipped prior to the end of the warranty period. By default, a product will qualify for the 30-day warranty, unless it’s clearly mentioned otherwise on the product page.

You are responsible to send us back the product using a trackable method.

If a replacement is available, we will ship that to you at our expense using FedEx Ground (or a similar service). At your request, we can use an expedited service at your expense.

If a replacement is not available, we will issue a refund once the product is received and confirmed to be defective.

Upon return, if the item is tested and deemed functional, we reserve the right to deduct shipping expenses and up to a 20% restocking fee (minimum $25) from the refund amount.

"I was sent the wrong item"

If you receive a different part number/model number than what you ordered, we’ll get this straightened up. However, please keep in mind that we have a vast database of replacement manufacturer part numbers, so it is possible that the part we sent you is correct.

Please contact us by email at within 7 days of receiving the item, and we will issue RMA instructions if applicable.

For exchange: We will issue an RMA number, and you must send us back the product using a trackable method. We will also ship out a replacement using FedEx Ground (or a similar service). Depending on the item value, we may need to confirm receipt of the incorrect item before we can ship the replacement. At your request, we can use an expedited shipping service at your expense.

For refund: if the correct item is not available, we will issue an RMA number. You must ship us back the product using a trackable method. Once the product is received by our facility, we will issue a refund.

"I ordered the wrong item” or “I no longer need the item"

We do our best to accommodate all returns. Please email us at within 14 days of your order, and we will issue RMA instructions if applicable.

If we can accept a return, we will provide shipping instructions for returning the product to our distribution facility.

We reserve the right to deduct shipping expenses and a maximum 20% restocking fee (minimum $25) from the refund amount.

Please keep in mind that not all products are eligible for return. We sell many “legacy” products on our website, and not all distributors are able to accept returns on these since they are very difficult to acquire. A good rule of thumb is that if your product is a “legacy generation” (obsolete by more than 1 generation), it may not be eligible for return.

It is best to call us before ordering, if you would like to confirm that your order is eligible for refund.

Extended Warranty

Some of our products offer an option for extended warranty. If during the extended warranty period, the item has any effects, we will send out a replacement item to you via Fedex Ground or a similar service. You must ship the item back to us using the RMA instructions outlined above. 

We will provide a 1-time replacement. If the item is no longer available in stock, we will offer a comparable product and ship that to you if acceptable. We reserve the right to issue refund for the item value instead.

Shipping and warranty charges are non-refundable. The return-for-refund policy does not change if you purchase the extended warranty. 

Friendly Note

We strive to accommodate all return & exchange scenarios. After all, who wants a product that they can’t use? We’ll do our absolute best to take care of you.

However, please keep in mind that we are working with distributors around the world who specialize in stocking “hard-to-find” parts. These are products that may be obsolete by years, and sometimes even over a decade. In situations where you are returning a functioning part, our distributors may not be able to accept a return.

We always recommend you give us a call if you’d like to clarify return eligibility on your order. You’ll find that we’re a friendly, fair company that is very reasonable and friendly to our customers. Ultimately, we want you to be satisfied and think of us first for your next purchase.