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Quality Guide for Used Servers

The IT Mart's Product Quality Assurance

What does “used” or “refurbished” mean?

Let's get one thing straight. All used and refurbished servers on our site are fully functional. The same is true for used and refurbished workstations or parts.

The used servers and workstations that we sell are off-lease. This means that the systems were originally purchased by large corporations through financing. After a certain period (typically 3-5 years), the product was re-acquired by the original manufacturer.

The corporation's decision to sell is financial, not technical. These pre-owned servers and workstations have plenty of hardware life remaining. By buying used servers, you can save up to 80% off the price tag compared to a brand-new server. That is why most companies nowadays rely on used IT equipment.

Just as the value of a brand-new car drops when it leaves the parking lot, new servers and workstations are a price drain on your company's IT budget. You can maximize the value of your IT equipment by buying used.

All used servers and workstations on our site come from manufacturer leasing divisions, as well as from reputable asset recovery companies. These companies test the equipment before we receive it, and then our technicians re-test the equipment before we approve it for resale. Rest assured, you never have to worry about the quality of a server when you buy from us.

You may see the word “used” or “refurbished” used by other sellers on other websites (especially on eBay or Amazon). Please keep in mind that their definition may be different, and the product may actually come with defects. You will *never* face this issue when shopping with us.